Who Would Have Thought That This Awesome Russian Top Secret Aircraft Exist!

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When it comes to military vehicles, we often site Russians who are very famous for ...

When it comes to military vehicles, we often site Russians who are very famous for such craft. Some of the most powerful military vehicles can be found in Russia and in this video, we will get a chance to discover a part of their huge history. A top secret Russian aircraft known as Ekranoplan, a prototype aircraft that could have been a powerful weapon if ever it was built in massive production. This video will take us back to the history when a gigantic aircraft was built as a Top Secret Russian weapon from the Cold War Era. This is known as the Ekranplane or Ekranoplan. It is basically a low flying craft designed by Rostislav Evgenievich Alekseev and it has 540 tons of weight with enormous wings that is 5 stories high. Interestingly, this is Ekranoplan is not considered as an aircraft nor a seaplane or a hovercraft. It is called a ground effect vehicle which uses a different technology. This video will give us some clips from the vehicle’s first flight test which was conducted on October 11, 1966. Check out this gigantic vehicle in action below!

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