This Tiny, Functional Rotary Engine Is Made Out Of Nothing But Paper

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In this video we can see the marvelous paper craft. Paper craft is the beautiful ...

In this video we can see the marvelous paper craft. Paper craft is the beautiful art of sculpting all kinds of the detailed models from nothing but paper.

Also the bit of adhesive can be used so the model can be turn into something very special. This is the project made by the YouTuber Aliaksei Zholner.

It’s the pretty small rotary paper engine but at no means less impressive. It is small enough to fit in your hand, but its great craftsmanship nevertheless.

We just can’t imagine how much patience one must have to become the great paper craftsmen like Aliaksei Zholner is. He got amazingly hard projects with great details. And this paper engine project is somewhat simpler, but impressive nevertheless. So you can try and do it yourself.

This model in this video is made out of paper except for the plastic cover, but the plastic cover adds to the transparency the model has so you can see the engine inside.

So, the plastic is the very nice addition to the model. Maybe this model works as the turbine would, it still has all the functional parts that the engine prototype has like the rotary part or the rotor, fixed gear, the shaft that is being driven by the crank, and the absence of valves.

So as the master of this paper craft projects Aliaksei Zholner says, this can be roughly called the pistonless rotary paper engine.

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