Toddler Drives Toy Car Into Traffic In China, But Nobody Even Notices Him

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The traffic is dangerous even for those going the right way and being in a car. ...

The traffic is dangerous even for those going the right way and being in a car. When you go against traffic, well, you are putting yourself and others at a risk.

A video of a toddler who was riding the pedal-less bike made headlines after the video of his ride against traffic was published online.

This Chinese kid got lost from his mom and went out to look for her on the busy road, and he happened to also go the wrong way.

A quick look at the video below will make almost anyone flinch, and especially when considering the brief moment when the child goes out of sight when the bus passes by him.

Fortunately for everyone involved, this kid was avoided by all the cars that were driving on the busy road in Lishui, the town located in the Zhejiang Province, according to The Independent.

The boy’s age is unclear at the moment, and the most likely version claims that he is about three years old.

The incident was quickly resolved by the police officer that was in the area, who ran into traffic to stop this child.

Once the police officer found this kid, his mother discovered where her son was, and then got reunited with her offspring.

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