Tom Alexanders Aston Martin DB4 GTs Bold Move Ends In Dramatic Crash

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Adrian Wilmott found out a hard way why it’s better to lay off the throttle every ...

Adrian Wilmott found out a hard way why it’s better to lay off the throttle every once in a while, during the race. When you’re operating in the racing mindset, nothing matters more than overtaking your opponent, even if that means crashing the $650,000 car. There’s something about racing that trigger your instincts to take over, that usually spells trouble, especially when competing in the priceless automotive gems. Keeping your head cool is the vital aspect during racing because the hasty move could cost you dearly. That said, the Goodwood Revival is one of the few events that pits actual racing classics against each other, and allowing spectators to see them in full swing. Sure, chances for the accident to happen are, like in any other race, relatively high, and thankfully it doesn’t happen that often – although there have been the few high-profile crashes involving rare, expensive vehicles. The latest, however, was caught on camera after Adrian Wilmott, attempting to pass the Jaguar Lightweight E-Type, lost control of his Aston Martin DB4 GT and hit the tire barrier. The whole occurrence could have gone a lot worse, judging the speed he spun out, and he managed to save it somehow. This car suffered some damage, but nothing too serious by the looks of it.

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