Top 10 Most Ridiculously Expensive Options

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While some vehicles are meant to be packed with all the latest gadgets and gizmos, ...

While some vehicles are meant to be packed with all the latest gadgets and gizmos, other types of optional extras are only there for a sake of appearances.

With that in mind, Carwow put together the list of ultra-expensive options that fall into both categories. Well, in other words, some of them can be viewed as rational purchases, and while others might just exude way too much opulence.
And take JLR for example, and as they offer optional Event Seating on their Range Rovers for a price of £5,900 in the UK, which is exactly as much as you would spend on the brand new Dacia Sandero.

Ferrari, on the other hand, offer the £6,240 company branded golf bag to fit your F12berlinetta, that’s pretty pricey seen as how that sum can also land you something like the 2015, new-ish Renault Twingo.

Now, other options such as Audi’s £6,300 Band & Olufsen 1,200 watt 10-channel, the 15-speaker audio system do seem like more of the investment of sorts, since you will literally be using it every day – and if you are any type of music lover, you will probably be very happy with your purchase long-term.

Anyway, a flip side of that is that you can get something like the pre-registered Suzuki Celerio instead.

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