Top 20 Deadliest Roads In The World Are Terrifying And Extreme

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


20. Trans-Siberian Highway, Russia

Yo bro, the Trans-Siberian Highway in the Red Bear nation of Russia ain’t just one highway, it is a whole system made up of seven federal highways and roads with each one of these being deadly dangerous.

Stretching 6800 miles from Pacific Ocean’s Sea of Japan to the Atlantic Ocean’s Baltic Sea just might be the longest road on the planet (the Kangaroos Down Under dispute this claim, pointing with their pouches towards their Australia’s Highway 1). Though, as I said above, the entire length of Russia’s Trans-Siberian Highway is deadly, the most infamous dangerous stretch is between Khabarovsk and Chita with the 80+ mile section that connects Blagoveshchensk and Belogorsk being the WORST!

It is remote. It crosses from of the most foreboding terrain found anywhere in the world and is at times and spots patrolled by bandits, drunk drivers, and folks who are sleepy behind the wheel!

Though construction of this section of the Trans-Siberian Highway was first built by prisoners of the gulag way back in 1949, it was not truly finished until about 10 years ago. In fact, the Big Daddy Mac of Russia, Vladimir Putin, performed the ribbon cutting at the ceremony that celebrating its official completion.     


19. Federal Highway 1, Mexico

Hey, any highway that ribbons along the coast is inherently dangerous since it is built upon terrain that is being eroded rapidly by the water and wind of the ocean and is often perched along the very edge of a seaside cliff.

Yep, coast highways are very dangerous and the Mexican Federal Highway 1 that traces a segment of the eastern side of the Pacific Ocean is one of the most deadly coastal highways in the world. This is indeed a super scenic route going 1063 miles from Cabo San Lucas, balanced on the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, all the way up Tijuana until it crosses the Mexico – United States border to become the US Interstate 5, a major highway that is totally devoid of charm.

There are a score of reasons the Mexican Carretera Federal 1 Highway is one of the deadliest routes on the planet. First off, is its size. The dang highway is just a two-lane road for nearly its entirety. It has very few guardrails to keep travellers on its asphalt surface. The highway is forever crumbling as the photo above shows, which is never good for driving safety.

And, perhaps most importantly, much of this beautiful goes through remote, desert areas of Northern California… Enjoy the ride, bro!


18. Stelvio Pass Road, Italy

Passo dello Stelvio, or Italy’s Stelvio Pass Road, is like that stormy relationship you had with that lady who wore only leather. Yeah, her. Sure, she was gorgeous and full of passion, but in the end, you two had to part ways simply because you chose to keep on living (though, we all know you kept the nipple clamps she gave you, just in case…)

There is ZERO doubt that Stelvio Pass Road in Italia’s Ortler Alps in between Bormio and South Tyrol is STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS. There is, however, ZERO doubt that this is one mean road when you get on her bad side. So don’t be pissing her off.

Who knows, maybe this famed road, that the TV show Top Gear named one of the top driving roads in all of Europe, is so mercurial and, at times, downright frigid because she lays at an elevation that reaches above 9000 feet here and there?

I don’t know.

Or, perhaps the Stelvio Road Pass is so dangerous because it is just a two lane little thread of a road that contains more switchbacks thank you can shake an Olive Garden breadstick (unlimited, bro!). And I suppose the fog, the clouds, the snow and the ice all play their roles as well in making this s3xy yet sinister road such a dangerous stretch!