Top 20 New And Upcoming Performance Cars That Will Blow Your Mind!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


4. 2018 Tesla Model 3

Okay, okay… I admit it. The 2018 Tesla Model 3 ain’t no high performance car. However, it deserves a spot on this list because it is the BIGGEST GAME CHANGER car that will be released over the next two years.

The not-yet-ready-for-primetime Tesla Model 3 is the car that smarty pants Elon Musk is designing to bring electric cars into the mainstream. With its starting price maybe being as low as $35k, the Tesla Model 3 will be very accessible to a very large group of car buyers to include those who do not wish to give off that librarian vibe that driving a Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf, or Chevy Volt might.

But, even if the Tesla for the common man hits the market with a price tag of $50k, as some have predicted, it will have plenty to offer those in the market for a new car. With a single charge range of 250 miles along with availability of charging stations throughout certain sections of the nation, this car’s range will be long enough for more than 99% of the driving most folks in some parts of the country do in a year.   

Of course, the pivotal question is: just how much of the quality that the more expensive Tesla models are known for will be found in the 2018 Tesla Model 3?