Top 8 Real Transforming Vehicles So Awesome They Made Optimus Prime Cry!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Trust me, the eight cars and other vehicles on this ...

Trust me, the eight cars and other vehicles on this video are the most amazing transforming vehicles you will have ever seen. Well, they are the most amazing such vehicles that are the real deal. Take, for example, the HumRider that is able to somehow extend its wheels down and out away from the side so the HumRider can park over other parked vehicles or drive over other cars in a traffic jam. Meanwhile, the Kormaran is a watercraft like no other thanks to its loads of foldaway teak decks and surfaces. The Kia Mohave Transformer has moves that would make Optimus Prime and his buddies blush. This Kia expands and bends and folds just like something out of a movie. This South Korean minivan even has arms, a head, and an electronic speaking voice. The other genuine transforming vehicles that will blow you away are the luxurious Klassen Limousines, the Hiriko compact car, the expandable Beauer 3X travel trailer, the Wild Fennec Defender that is built upon a Land Rover, and the EO smart connecting car.           

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