Top Gear – Drag Races: Audi R8 V10 Plus Vs Audi RS6 Vs Audi S8

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You have seen one massive orc army, you have seen them all. Likewise, drag races ...

You have seen one massive orc army, you have seen them all. Likewise, drag races between the fast Audis are pretty common, now Top Gear is getting in on the action with what one of the editors calls the Lord of the Rings challenge.

The R8 is supposed to be the star of the show. And one of the last entry-level supercars with the naturally aspirated engine delivers 610 PS, 5 more than the RS6 and S8 performance.

However, it is way down on torque compared to its twin-turbo V8 rivals. The upshot is that it is also about half a ton lighter.

We have watched so many of these drag races that we got tired of telling you straight line speed isn’t everything. And that could be because we realized that for the certain group of individuals, the lifestyle really does include the occasional airstrip V-max shootout.

About a month from now, the Audi S8 will be declared obsolete, as the all-new generation of the A8 flagship will be revealed.

But we are not sorry to see it go, especially when it never obtained the cult status of a RS6 has. Despite the early jitters coming from the downsized engine, the world quickly realized how devilishly fast Audi’s mighty wagon could be. But there’s the Mercedes-AMG E63 T-Model that does the same things.

If you want to see just how good modern automatic gearboxes are, well, check out the way the RS6 and S8 dig in.

There are only 0.3 seconds between them and the supercar. Sure, a four-door models are slower, but also much cheaper and more practical.

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