Top Ten Most Unusual Cars That You Definitely Want To Own!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

There is definitely a huge room for creativity in making vehicles! Auto makers whether from bigger companies or individuals can put the best of their creativity and knowledge to build a car that are absolutely one of a kind. Some of these creations could end up as concept cars that could possibly be embraced by many in the near future while others are simply amazing replica that turned their dream cars into a reality. Today we are listing down ten of the most unusual cars that surprisingly existed! These cars are considerably weird but they are oddly fun and surprisingly amazing! This entry is listed in no particular order. Let us start, shall we?Putsch-Racing-Batmobile-02

10. The Batmobile Replica by Casey Putsch
We have seen so much amazing Batmobile replicas. Most of these are designed to look as badass as how the fictional car is being depicted in films and in the comics. Although all of these replicas look great as they feature all those impressive car details, none of them managed to deliver a performance that a true superhero deserves! Well, not until Casey Putsch decided to turn this hardcore vehicle into a reality. The racecar driver built himself a 365 horsepower turbine powered machine and put it in his own Batmobile which makes the car one of the most faithful renditions ever made not just aesthetically but also mechanically!