Top10s: What You Need To Know Before Buying A Convertible!

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If you are looking to ditch the old fixed-roof vehicle for something the little ...

If you are looking to ditch the old fixed-roof vehicle for something the little bit more summer-friendly, looking into what makes for the good convertible is the good idea.

According to Carwow’s guide, you need to familiarize yourself with the types of roofless vehicles that are available, as well as a variety of folding roofs and how these differences can influence the way in which the vehicle ultimately performs on the road.

In terms of enjoyment, odds are you will get a sportier drive with the petrol-powered convertible, but customers seeking excellent fuel economy can still opt for the diesel one – of which you will find plenty of in Europe.

Ultimately, the convertible isn’t as sharp to drive as the coupe. Nor should you worry if it also shakes the bit more over bumps, as opposed to the fixed roof car.

Then there is the difference between the fabric roof and the metal roof. For starters, the metal roof makes for the heavier car, although choosing the hard-top over the soft-top means you will be getting the quieter car.

In the end though, people who want to buy the convertible do so mainly because they like a style and because they want that open top freedom.

Convertibles are also great for cruising around in warm, the sunny conditions, but on average, you’ll be sacrificing some practicality in return for looking good, the price some people would gladly pay.

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