Toyota-Backed Flying Car Prototype Has A Hard Time, Well, Flying

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The idea of flying vehicles roaming the skies in the future may seem far-fetched ...

The idea of flying vehicles roaming the skies in the future may seem far-fetched right now, but Toyota is trying to make it the reality.

Recently, this automaker invested $350,000 into Cartivator, the startup group made up of 30 young volunteers who work for Toyota, to get the electrically-powered flying car project off the ground, and with the aim of using one to light the Olympic torch at the 2020 ceremony in Tokyo.

Well, a working prototype of the SkyDrive was recently shown to journalists, and the demonstration didn’t go according to plan.

Judging from the video taken from this event by Associated Press, this project needs some serious work.

In fairness, this prototype isn’t very representative of the flying car. It’s essentially the giant drone, with some crude aluminum framing, and eight propellers and basketball-style landing cushions. Oh, it doesn’t have any room for anyone to sit in it.

As journalists gathered with anticipation to witness the test flight, this demonstration was anticlimactic, to say the least.

The prototype managed to get the few feet off the ground for the couple of seconds before one of the covers detached from the frame and broke, and damaging the blades and sending it crashing back onto a ground, bringing the demonstration to the swift end.

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