Toyota Decided To Show An Exclusive Look At The FIRST `17 Prius Prime

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The keyboard warriors have brushed a Prius Prime aside as not having enough pure ...

The keyboard warriors have brushed a Prius Prime aside as not having enough pure electric driving range. But Toyota is still the best at making efficient vehicles that people can afford.

We think of the Prime as the automotive equivalent of a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, right down to the increased curb appeal and the battery capacity. And the Big T has also had to think outside the box for the reviews of the vehicle, going to one of the biggest names in the YouTube tech business for the sponsored post.

LinusTechTips has over three million views, he’s like the geeky version of Roman Atwood. Well, the bad news is that this review isn’t credible, since Linus isn’t the car guy, owning a rusty old Honda sedan that his friends painted pink. And it just goes to prove that if you can make SSD upgrades seem interesting, doing so with vehicles is easy.

Apparently, there is like the robot man face styling to the back. The area around the number plate is a mustache, and the rear glass is the pair of sunglasses.

What kind of cartoons has he been watching? Well, one component that gets the Prime both attention and criticism is a 11.6-inch screen in the dash. But because it’s the sponsored unboxing and not the real review, you never hear any complaints from Linus, the man who’s seen TVs that cost as much as this car.

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