Toyota Supra Flies Off The Road In Australia, Crash Looks Like Skateboard Stunt

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Even though we couldn’t find any official explanation and as to why this ...

Even though we couldn’t find any official explanation and as to why this white A80 Toyota Supra flew off this embankment, well, we suspect this driver might have missed that left turn just before this crash.

From what we can tell, that steering wheel was clearly yanked brutally to a left all of the sudden, so if the driver indeed needed to make the turn and failed to do so in time, well, case solved Dr. Watson.

Of course in the end, we are just speculating. What we can tell you for certainty is that the vehicle flew for about four meters (13 ft) down the embankment, according to the description of the video below, and that the driver came out OK.

The description also calls this driver the young lad, which might also indicate inexperience or the willingness to take risks, although again, your guess is as good as ours as to why anybody would perform such the maneuver at that speed.

In a way, this Supra driver should probably consider himself lucky, despite this crash. There could have been anything at the bottom of that embankment, the fact that he simply landed in the open field meant nether himself, nor anyone else was hurt.

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