Toyota Supra Takes On Chevy Samurai In Unlikely Street Race

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Crazy Toyota Supra drag racing for all you gearheads in the video below! A lot of ...

Crazy Toyota Supra drag racing for all you gearheads in the video below! A lot of miracles happen in the racing world, especially on the drag strip.

The video below is definitely no exception. And when you attend a Toyota Supra drag racing event, you would most probably lay the bet on the Supra. And you will be right! Because the Supra always wins, of course. But, you will be startled badly when you see this Samurai`s launching capabilities!

It is not the big wonder to see a Suzuki Samurai on the dragstrip. It`s the awesome and pretty affordable off road vehicle. However, in this Toyota Supra drag racing video, you’ll see the Samurai in a completely new light! We totally got caught off guard when we saw what this particular Samurai can do!

Well, the Samurai here from the looks of It, definitely it`s not stock. No stock truck can do these things that this awesome Samurai is capable of doing!

The Suzuki Samurai is totally a worthy opponent in this awesome drag race. And when you take into consideration that its opponent is a god damn Toyota Supra that goes the long way! The Toyota Supra is on every gearhead`s list.

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