Trailer For Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver Promises Plenty Of Fun Car Chases

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When Edgar Wright announces the new movie, it instantly attracts attention. Known ...

When Edgar Wright announces the new movie, it instantly attracts attention. Known for his signature frenetic filming style, he’s spoofed the variety of movie genres in Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Worlds End, and from zombie flicks and buddy cop comedies, to sci-fi thrillers.

Now he’s targeting car chase heist movies with his latest film Baby Driver, starring Ansel Elgort as the getaway driver.

Judging from the first trailer, Baby Driver promises to be the fun and thrilling ride with plenty of pulse-pounding car action.

Being directed by Edgar Wright, Baby Driver is not your conventional heist movie. And the lead character is called Baby, who works as the getaway driver for Doc played by Kevin Spacey.

The twist, however, is that Baby suffers from tinnitus after being in the car accident when he was a kid. To drown out the ringing in his ears, he constantly listens to music, which plays the central role in the movie as the numerous car chase action scenes are choreographed to an eclectic soundtrack.

The result is the car chase musical that looks like the cross between Drive and La La Land. Of course, it is the well-staged car chase scenes that grabbed our attention in the trailer, and which should be exhilarating thanks to Edgar Wright’s slick direction.

We get to see the souped-up Subaru getting a serious workout while evading police, the tail-sliding Dodge Challenger and the freeway battle between two pickups culminating in one of them getting wedged under the trailer truck.

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