Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer 4 Is Most Action-Packed Yet

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Michael Bay directs it, and Mark Wahlberg acts in it, GM provides the new Camaro ...

Michael Bay directs it, and Mark Wahlberg acts in it, GM provides the new Camaro for it. If you think this sounds the awful lot like the recipe for another high-budget CGI-laden Transformers film, you are absolutely right.

Slated for release later this year, and the newest Transformers trailer has just dropped and as far as it seems, and there will be more action, more explosions, one sexy Chevy Camaro standing in as the icing on the cake. And if this is your thing, well, then rejoice because there could be 14 more Transformers movies anyway.

If not then, well, at least stay for a Camaro because Transformers 5: The Last Knight seems like it will feature at least some of it.

Years ago Chevy set a precedence for artfully previewing the 5th generation Camaro in a first Transformers movie, which painted in such the good light it may as well have been propaganda.

That is no different here because Bumblebee has morphed to become the stylish Camaro we have yet to see in the real world, boasting a that appears to be the natural evolution of the current vehicle’s styling extended into the future.

Lately the Transformers series has diverted its attention away from the vehicles and skewed in favor of artful and cinematic CGI explosions, and dizzying action and tired good vs evil themes, all thinly veiling the semi-decent plot.

The parts of the movie that do focus on the cars, well, however, seem spectacular. On camera we see that lovely Camaro and catch the glimpse of the Lamborghini Centenario. Whatever you do, and don’t take those out Mr. Bay.

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