Truck Accidentally Rolls/Flips Over In Mud Going Uphill!

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Yeah, this guy has the lifted Toyota truck but for sure he is bad at estimating ...

Yeah, this guy has the lifted Toyota truck but for sure he is bad at estimating deep holes in a water. So he just got inside his truck and tried to make it happen, without any worries, he thought that a Toyota with a single press the button can be transformed into the submarine and reach a destination.

Yeah, how awesome would be if that is true, then, there are no limits where you can go with your lifted off-road truck.

Honestly, a truck was more swimming than doing something else, yeah the big pumped tires didn’t allow it to be drawn down to hit a bottom. You’ll agree with us that this is not the classic mudding video.

But the sad story is that he succeeded to pass already 90% of a mud hole swimming with the lifted Toyota, but everything went wrong when he hit around with the tires and started climbing the bank of the water.

This truck started leaning from side to side until it reached a critical point and started to sink and you can notice how a driver is coming out from the passenger door all in the panic!

And he is not the only one in the truck, first jumped his girlfriend who doesn’t look like she is in panic, obviously she is used to it. Many unsuccessful tries. Watch this video and enjoy laughing.

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