This Truck Hauling Logs Flipped And Took Down Another Tree

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In the eyes of eco-warriors, the sight of the oil tank truck driving on the road ...

In the eyes of eco-warriors, the sight of the oil tank truck driving on the road is enough to make their vision go blurry and fill them with the burning hate for that driver and the company he works for. Well, in the case of log trucks, though, you don’t really have to be the environmentalist freak to feel the little upset about what they’re doing.

But you carry on with your life and don’t even bother putting the curse on them, as that would be bad karma for you.

You let fate decide whether what they are doing is legal or at least moral, needs to be punished or not. In some lucky cases like the one below, you also happen to have the dashcam installed.

This accident happened on the road in Australia, according to this video description, this driver got away almost unhurt, with just some minor cuts and bruises.

Instant karma some would jump to point out, and even though it wasn’t even close to being instant. For that to happen, a first tree they cut had to fall over a truck and flatten it as it stood. And the truck looks as unflattened as they come going into that series of bends.

This driver doesn’t necessarily seem to make any sudden maneuvers, yet somehow his truck decides to take the nap on its left side despite the driver’s desperate attempts to prevent that from happening.

Looking at this footage for the second time, you will see why equal transversal weight distribution is so important, and as the main cause of the incident suddenly becomes clear: this truck was transporting only a few logs, and extremely large ones. With the one on top being the largest.

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