Truck Tire Explosion Shakes Snow From A Roof In Mother Russia

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

The truck tire is under really high pressure, especially after a long drive at ...

The truck tire is under really high pressure, especially after a long drive at steady 65mph and with a full load on. So, older tires and not well-conditioned ones could potentially explode and if this happens, you’ll know. This video was captured in Russia and it shows a spontaneous truck tire explosion near a gas station.

Now, Reddit users are speculating about the reason of a tire blowout. They say that the truck did enter the station with one wheel at a rather strange angle.

Furthermore, they said that the truck probably drove like this for some time building heat into the tire wall and eventually causing the explosion.

Truck tire blowouts are usually extremely loud. So loud in fact that they can be heard from a long distance. This time, the explosion steered so much air molecules its vibrations were enough to shake the camera and clean snow from the roof of the gas station. It is an epic sight for sure, but a dangerous one nonetheless.

So, take care of your tires and they will take care of you. It really is worth it. We cannot even imagine how much damage did the tire blowout caused to the underside of the truck.

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