Truly Hot Supercar: Yellow Ferrari In Flames At Lalor Park!

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Last Saturday Murphy’s Law was once again at play, and much to the dismay of ...

Last Saturday Murphy’s Law was once again at play, and much to the dismay of a man who was unfortunate enough to see his cherished Ferrari catch fire, get robbed of his money and laptop at the same time.

When Tan Shukla stopped on Freemont Street in New South Wales, to get some money of the bank, he surely didn’t expect that his yellow Ferrari 360 Spider would burst into flames.

I didn’t see what happened, and the only thing I saw was it was on fire, he said. Distressed, he tried to extinguish it and some passers by tried to help.

Well, not all of them had the best of intentions, though. Actually, Mr. Shukla was robbed of the money and he had pulled out of the ATM, his card while he was preoccupied with saving his ride. Adding insult to injury, the good Samaritan that was supposedly aiding him in putting out the fire grabbed his laptop, run away with it.

In spite of the fire department arriving at the scene, the yellow 360 Spider with the SexyF1 plate burned to the ground and is obviously the write-off.

The cause has yet to be determined, and hopefully the insurance company will pick up that tab. Talk about having the really bad day, huh?

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