TRY NOT TO LAUGH – British Drivers Swearing REACTION!!!

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The American actor and famous YouTuber Tyrone Magnus decided to make the very ...

The American actor and famous YouTuber Tyrone Magnus decided to make the very funny video with this reaction on various British drivers swearing.

The person would think the only thing these people know is how to swear. Tyrone Magnus got himself the perfect compilation with British drivers from all around the United Kingdom found in challenging situations on a road that caused them to swear and be angry with other participants in the traffic.

Now, as Magnus points out, to an American person, a swearing by the British driver would not be offensive, because the British accent is unusual and to some point, funny to American people.

So it would be the very funny situation where an American person driving in the United Kingdom gets in a road rage incident with the local British driver. I mean, the American would not even be angry about the whole thing, and he would laugh hysterically all the time.

Imagine how a British driver would feel when seeing that his American rival on a road just can’t stop laughing at everything the British says. And he would soon figure out that there is no point in swearing the American.

Or the chances are that he would think the American man is crazy. Now that’s one way to deal with furious road ragers on the streets.

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