Try To Wrap Your Head Around Bugatti Chiron Acceleration From 0-236mph

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OK, watch this. Chris Harris of Top Gear got a chance to drive the Chiron. And not ...

OK, watch this. Chris Harris of Top Gear got a chance to drive the Chiron. And not only drive it but to test some insane things with it – like acceleration from zero to 236 mph. Yes, 236mph. And to make all of this even more amazing, BBC YouTube channel revealed this amazing feat in a 51-second video. And not all of it was driving.

Actually, Chris Harris successfully accelerated to 236 mph (380 km/h) in a freaking 30 seconds.

In order to do this, the Chiron has some mind-bending numbers to play with. The most important thing about it is definitely its eight-liter 16-cylinder engine with 1500hp.

Ok, we know you are seeing cars with so much power every day, but bear in mind that this one is super luxurious, can travel for thousands of miles, will be in much the same shape for decades and is actually road legal.

Yes, Bugatti made a car this fast which conform to all the legal regulations you can think of. Astonishing feat. No other word to describe it.

So, we have to question is there another car to do similar feat? Maybe something from Koenigsegg – like the One:1 or the new Regera. But we have to wait for them to prove it. And even then you have to know that Bugatti plans to produce 500 units of these. Much more than Koenigsegg.

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