Tug O’ War – Ty’s Duramax Dually Vs. Powerstroke F350

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It has been the long time since we have seen the God of trucks in the tug o’ war ...

It has been the long time since we have seen the God of trucks in the tug o’ war battle. Now it has come the time to measure a strength between the Duramax Dually and a Ford F350 Powerstroke.

These two trucks have been in such the war that the owners of these trucks don’t even want to see each other on a road.

There are sparks when the Duramax stays close to the Powerstroke and this will be a same case here as well.

There is no way that this tug o’ war battle could finish peacefully because two trucks are strong and the drivers are angry, making a ride even harder for them.

It seems like this race has been set up too well, and there is audience as well. And who wouldn’t want to see the ultimate tug o’ war battle between two items of the truck’s industry that has been on the top list of a market.

Most of the buyers are going to choose the Duramax over a Powerstroke every time, and maybe they are right with their thinking.

As we have seen many times before, the Duramax that is featuring a dually rear wheels which is making him the perfect tug of war competitor.

This fact is making this driver even stronger over a ord F350 Powerstroke. Looks like the tires are going to be on fire on this Ford truck because all four of them are doing the burnout like never before.

The Duramax because of a dually rear wheels is taking the Ford wherever he wants, rolling it like the trailer not the truck behind it. These two trucks need much bigger playground for them as this one is too small.

Well, the winner is hard to pick, but this is a hell of the burnout that you are going to see from the Powerstroke.

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