Tug Of War Of The Day: Ford Super Duty Vs. Dodge Diesel

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Everybody is used to watching tug of war between Chevy and Dodge and some Ford ...

Everybody is used to watching tug of war between Chevy and Dodge and some Ford trucks and this is one great video where we can see a Ford Super Duty truck head to head against the Dodge Diesel truck.

This is one race that beats them all where stability, power come hand in hand and the tires to play the huge role in this tug of war.

Seems like the crowd is cheering for the Dodge truck and they all like to see it winning. And will it win is the real hard question?

The Dodge truck will make the real show for the crowd here on the road because it is dragging the Ford Super Duty truck like it is the trailer, not the truck.

What the embarrassment for the Ford because the driver didn’t know what else to do he just surrendered under the pull of the Dodge and he’ll never want to race one more time against it.

Also, this could be the lesson for all Ford followers, what to and what not to do while doing the tug of war race against the Dodge diesel.

It is great that the Dodge pulled a Ford so that all the fuzz that has been created was saying that the Ford is always better than the Dodge. Well it isn’t and now here is the proof.

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