TUG OF WAR! Diesel Sears Tractor VS. Murray Off-Road Mower

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One quick advice gentlemen, well, don’t you never ever try to compete with your ...

One quick advice gentlemen, well, don’t you never ever try to compete with your lady or other female simply because you are going in the war in which the end is so predictive, they always win! And we hope that you understand what we mean by this and the video will additionally open your eyes!

So, it doesn’t matter in which war you’ll step in against a woman, either that be the talking war, cars war or even lifting weights war, even if she lose, she will always has the good explanation about that.

In the video bellow is featured the tug of war between man and woman, we suppose a couple, where the diesel Sears tractor is linked back to back with Murray off-road mower!

The war was won in a first battle, the lady with the tractor scared the Murray mower, he quit at the very beginning!

It’s really interesting to see the lady in tug of war, torturing the tractor to its maximum without any intentions of quitting, that scary smile on her face.

Priceless for watching it! Now jump on the video below and see how the war went on. Enjoy the video folks!

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