Tug Of War Between A Tractor And A BMW! WHO WILL WIN?

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It is true what they say, the Internet can ruin minds and make people complete ...

It is true what they say, the Internet can ruin minds and make people complete idiots. Well, how else could someone think of idiotic things such as the tug of war between a tractor and the BMW E34 5 Series?

There have been the series of such movies going around the internet lately and never one so disproportioned. Against a tractor, I can’t think of the car that would be able to win. Some SUVs, maybe, but certainly not the old E34 5er.

Initially, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this little Bimmer pulling the tractor backwards and I quickly came back to my sense when logic kicked in. That could never happen.

Well, I have to admit I couldn’t watch the whole thing, and especially when the BMW started hitting the rev limited over and over again, sounding like the hurting animal.

I’m surprised it didn’t blow the gasket or something. It’s painful to watch people murdering cars like this. If you have the stomach for it, enjoy! This is some idiotic act there!

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That was really over the top. What do you think of this next video?