Tuned AMG GT S Trying To Keep Up With A Stock MP4-12C

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Seeing the McLaren MP4-12C race the Mercedes-AMG GT S is a bit unfair. After all, ...

Seeing the McLaren MP4-12C race the Mercedes-AMG GT S is a bit unfair. After all, these two are in totally different leagues on paper and in real life too. However, the race here goes to show something else than just a bare stock Mercedes-AMG GT S.

This one was tinkered with by RennTech who gave it a tune increasing the power of the four-liter V8 to 612hp. This is almost the power of the stock MP4-12C. The McLaren in question moves around with a 3.8 liter V8 developing 616hp. In this regard, the cars are rather similar. However, the McLaren is a mid-engined supercar, while the Mercedes-AMG is a front engined sports car.

Pure numbers do not lie. McLaren will do 62 mph in just over three seconds and it will hit 204 mph. On the other hand, the Mercedes-AMG is poised to do 3.8 seconds to 62 mph while getting to 192 mph. These are the numbers for the stock unit.

The race will answer it all. Mercedes-AMG is quite a contender, but it cannot stack against the carbon fiber monster the McLaren MP4-12C really is. The difference in the race with the 650S or the 675LT would be a whole lot bigger as those are successors of the first new McLaren released after the legendary F1.

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