TV Reporter Loses His [Bleep]ing [Bleep] When He Gets Interrupted By F1 Teen Max Verstappen

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If you are familiar with the term passive-aggressive, so, watching this encounter ...

If you are familiar with the term passive-aggressive, so, watching this encounter between Formula 1 star Max Verstappen and Dutch reporter Olav Mol might initially feel the little awkward.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to speak Dutch in order to understand what’s happening in the video below. Just make sure to enable a closed captions function by clicking the CC button.

This footage starts off with Olav Mol talking about McLaren and the possibility of reigniting their relationship with Mercedes – though just as he is about to dive into the topic, he’s suddenly interrupted by one of the biggest names in F1.

One would initially think this would be the good thing, after all, 19-year old Verstappen seems like the pretty fun person to be around. Well, the reporter definitely seemed annoyed by interruption.

He was visibly frustrated by a fact that he was in the middle of the very long script and that the whole take was now ruined. And he even starts using expletives – something that even the Red Bull driver found the little curious.

In the end though, there didn’t seem to be any tension. And even the guys in the background were laughing and Mol and Max Verstappen ended up shaking hands.

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That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.