The Twenty Best Ford Cars To Have Ever Hit The Streets!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


1967 Lotus 49 Ford-Cosworth

The Lotus 49 was one of Ford’s most famed Formula One vehicles. Designed by Collin Chapman and Maurice Philippe, the iconic race car was built to dominate the track and let out tremendous power.

The vehicle has went down in racing history as one of the first successful Formula One cars to feature the engine as stressed member engine(an engine that is used as an active structural element of the chassis). As you can see in the photo above the chassis featured the engine in the rear of the vehicle and that helped the car fly down the track as soon as the driver put his foot on the petal.

Drivers of the Lotus 49 often described the Ford engine difficult to handle at first. However, it was the vicious power of the Lotus 49 that helped Jim Clark win his first race at the Zandvoort as well as several different races that have helped mark it in automotive racing history.

The Lotus 49 proved just how vicious the Ford motor was and helped change the way many Formula One vehicles were designed. There is no question that the 1967 Lotus 49 Ford-Cosworth is the ideal car to start off this Ford filled list! Sit back and enjoy some of the finest Ford vehicles to have ever hit the streets!


Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

The Ford F150 SVT Raptor is the all star of pick up trucks! Equipped with a powerful 3.5L Twin Turbo V6 the truck is capable of tearing up the streets all while letting out an impressive 500HP! However, that is not all that makes the Ford SVT Raptor such a catch!

The truck is equipped with several different features that help make it practical, spacious and one of the finest trucks on the market. It is rare that the massive pick up trucks save on gas, but the Raptor is certainly one of the best, allowing 18mpg highway.

However, that is usually the last thing on the minds of the people who own a Raptor. In fact, most people who purchase the raptor are looking for a truck that can perform well off road and get whatever job is thrown at it done and the F150 SVT Raptor is certainly that truck.

In fact, the truck is considered to be one of Ford’s most profitable builds and one of the most capable off road vehicles on the market. There is no question that this immaculate pick up has inspired well built, high performance pick up trucks all throughout the automotive market.

Whether it is on or off the road the Raptor performs and impresses. Ford is all about, style, performance, and quality and the Raptor epitomizes all of that; making it an obvious choice to appear on the list!


Ford GT

The Ford GT costs a pretty penny, but best believe that it is well worth the investment, ESPECIALLY if you love speed and stunning style. The GT is considered one of the finest sports cars to have ever hit the market and rightfully so.

From it’s performance, style and all around build the Ford GT was meant to blow people away. The vehicle showed that Ford could still come out with fearless and impressive designs that would not only push engineering to the next level, but speed as well.

Equipped with a mid engine 5.4-liter supercharged DOHC 32-valve V-8 engine the lightweight, aerodynamic GT can let out  close to 600HP! In addition, the car can hit 0-60 in under three seconds and boasts style that turns heads wherever it goes.

Amazingly, only 4,038 units were produced between the production years of 2004-2006. However, automotive enthusiasts and speed lovers alike jumped on the opportunity to own the half million dollar vehicle. The Ford GT is certainly one of Ford’s finest and most impressive production sports cars and many automotive enthusiasts consider it a 21st century legend.

Therefore, it only makes sense that the immaculate vehicle is set to make a comeback in 2017 and it will be packed with more power, features and style that is sure to blow us all away!