The Twenty Best Ford Cars To Have Ever Hit The Streets!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


1968 Ford Escort

The 1968 Ford Escort was the first generation of the long lived European family car. It had first debuted at the Brussels Motor show in 1968 and captivated consumers¬† immediately. Although the Ford Anglia had massive success overseas, the Escort replaced it and became Europe’s newest practical daily driver.

There was not a whole lot that stood out about the Ford Escort. Designers had kept the design incredibly simplistic with a front engine and rear wheel drive. However it’s simplistic style did not mean it compromised in power whatsoever.

In fact, it was equipped with the classic Ford V8 and and could pack quite the punch on the streets. So much so, that it later became a fierce rally car and a performance icon. The Escort was a commercial success in several parts of western Europe.

However, the UK seemed to love the car the most, making it their national best seller in the 1960s. The Escort seemed to have it all from impressive performance, practical features and an overall affordable price that helped make it so successful in production.  When people think of Ford Classics the 1968 Escort is certainly one that comes to mind.