The Twenty Best Ford Cars To Have Ever Hit The Streets!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


1953 Ford F-100

The F series was redesigned in 1953 and given a more integrated look that impressed consumers the moment it hit production. As a result, the new F-100 became known as one of the finest trucks ever produced.

It not only inspired many trucks after it, but also helped inspire the generations of Ford pick up trucks to come. The ’53 F-100 was the last year that the flathead engine was used in Fords produced in The United States.

Letting out around 100Hp  the Flathead V8 certainly did not get this car moving all too fast. However, the F-100 was not meant to let out massive amounts of power.

Instead it was a great cruising truck that provided a comfortable ride. The trucks were incredibly durable and reliable and surprisingly many originals remain running today. To this day people turn heads when an original Ford F100 rolls down the streets.

The 1953 Ford F-100 had style, durability and definitely stood out as one of Ford’s most iconic pick up trucks. It is hard to  imagine where Ford would be at today if they would have never launched the F-100.