The Twenty Best Ford Cars To Have Ever Hit The Streets!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


1964/1964.5/1965 Ford Mustang

THE FORD MUSTANG. Many of you were probably thinking this would be the car to make it to number one. Although it was incredibly influential and game changing in Ford’s history, there are just a few other cars who helped change the game a little bit more.

However, the Mustang still was a huge game changer and that is why it is coming in at number four. The Mustang is merely pretty metal over the bones of a Falcon, but it (and its savvy marketing) made an entire generation of Americans go nuts for cars.

The Mustang spearheaded the “pony car” class and brought forth an affordable car that performed like a race car. Once other car manufacturers saw the success the Mustang had a whole new world of muscle cars were created and the automotive world was definitely changed for the better.

To this day the Mustang reigns supreme in the automotive world and is considered one of Ford’s best selling production vehicles. When their Mustang’s are not dominating the streets they are also dominating the track. all around the Ford Mustang is an all star car. It may have used the Falcon as it’s bones, but few can deny that they Ford Mustang created a legacy all its own.