The Twenty Best Ford Cars To Have Ever Hit The Streets!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


Ford Model T

The Ford Model T was the vehicle that introduced Ford’s name to the automotive industry. The revolutionary creation changed the way people commuted from place to place and replaced horses with motorized vehicles.

Although many vehicles existed before the dawn of the Model T, they were not accessible to the average person. The Ford Model T helped bring efficiency and practicality to the home of anyone who wanted it.

As a result, the car is considered one of the most influential cars of the 20th century. If it were not for the Ford Model T who knows how we would be getting around today.

With 16.5 million sold it stands eighth on the top ten list of most sold cars of all time as of 2012.There is no question that the Model T foreshadowed the incredible success Ford would have throughout the decades.

Ford is packed full of iconic and game changing vehicles. However, few can touch the historical and revolutionary change that the Ford Model T brought to the world making it the only choice as the best Ford to have ever hit production!