The Twenty Best Ford Cars To Have Ever Hit The Streets!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


1961 Lincoln Continental

The iconic 1961 Lincoln Continental had saved the entire Lincoln brand from extinction by offering the style, comfort and luxury that many of the vehicles before it did not have. The 1958–1960 Continental’s were all trial and error and had cost Lincoln million’s of dollars to develop.

Therefore, the 1961 Lincoln Continental was truly the last effort for success and they certainly succeeded. The ’61 redesign served as the sole Lincoln sedan for a little over a decade and earned a sweet spot in automotive history.

Ford designer, Elwood Engel was in charge of the design and it was his mission to make the new Continental smaller, shorter and more simplistic than the ones before it.

The simplistic charm of the Continental paired with it’s luxurious and practical features are what made it such a timeless and iconic Ford vehicle. Influential beyond Ford, the four-door flagship inspired a generation of clean, muscular cars that have inspired many other classic vehicles.

It took much effort, but once again Ford proved that with effort and brain power they could create yet another iconic vehicle that could inspire and motivate the automotive world!