The Twenty Best Ford Cars To Have Ever Hit The Streets!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


1969 Ford Capri

This impressive fastback coupe was built by the same man who built the iconic Ford Mustang. Therefore, it only makes sense that the Ford Capri would also be a considered a game changing Ford.

Predominately sold in Europe, the Capri was produced in hopes of having as much success as the Ford Mustang did in America and they certainly succeeded. The car was able to bring massive power to consumers who could not otherwise afford high performance vehicles.

The exterior of the car was very similar to the Ford Cortina, yet performed like a Ford Mustang. Through two generations, the Ford Capri gained wide success all over the world.

It went from a vehicle that was aimed to improve sales in Europe to an iconic classic that captivated consumers worldwide. Therefore, it only makes sense that a vehicle as successful as the Capri would make it on the list of the most successful Ford’s.

Automotive enthusiasts continue to admire the car for it’s impact worldwide. It gave many consumers a thirst for power and showed that typical daily drivers can pack a punch!