The Twenty Best Ford Cars To Have Ever Hit The Streets!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


1965 Ford Galaxie and LTD

The 1956 Ford Galaxie completely changed up the design of the original Galaxie and offered an all new full-size car that ditched leaf springs for coil springs, setting new standards in ride comfort and quietness.  The cars were taller and bulkier than the previous year’s, but they packed massive power that made them intimidating both on the streets and on the track.

In fact, the ’65 Ford Galaxie inspired the performance build for the earliest NASCAR stock cars.  Racing and automotive enthusiasts alike consider the 1965 Ford Galaxie to be an iconic and historic vehicle for both production cars and racing cars.

It was not until 2011 when the Ford Crown Victoria finally left production, that the last remnants of the iconic design finally left the automotive world. The ’65 Galaxie was an admirable vehicle and one of the most unforgettable Ford designs.

Whether you were a fan of the ’65 Galaxie or not few can deny the impact they have had on the automotive world. Therefore, we figured there could not be a better choice to lead us into the top 10 influential Ford vehicles