The Twenty Best Ford Cars To Have Ever Hit The Streets!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


1939 Ford Anglia

The 1939 Ford Anglia was launched in Europe around the same time Britain had declared war on Germany. As a result, the vehicles was built as simplistic as possible and had very few features.

Most of the 1939 Anglia’s were painted black and equipped with the cheapest materials available at the time. However, these tiny compact cars were not crappy vehicles. In fact, the Anglia offered an affordable, practical and impressively powerful car that was incredibly successful in the midst of WWII.

The streets were full of large cars back in the 30’s and the Anglia helped bring an honest small car to the streets and consumers seemed to really enjoy it.  Although the Ford Anglia was popular during war, production didn’t ramp up until after World War II.

However, it was the original Anglia that helped establish Ford as a worldwide company and also inspired other companies to begin producing smaller compact vehicles. Overall, the Ford Anglia is yet another incredible example of how Ford spearheaded change in the automotive world!