Two 2018 Mercedes A-Class Prototypes Filmed In Germany

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Even though these two Mercedes-Benz A-Class W177 models aren’t wearing any ...

Even though these two Mercedes-Benz A-Class W177 models aren’t wearing any less camouflage than before, trying to figure out what the car will ultimately look like never gets old.

Plus, in the video below we get to see the two prototypes come to a stop next to the second-generation W210 E-Class Wagon, which, as the fairly large family car, helps us get the better idea regarding the W177 A-Class’ dimensions.

In contrast to that W210 E-Class Wagon, An all-new A-Class is more aggressively-styled, with the wide stance and a sloped roof. Moreover, notice how the shoulder line seems the little bit curvy than on the current model.

We already know that the W177 will use the upgraded version of the platform utilized by the current W169 generation model, and which might have already allowed Mercedes engineers to make the new car not only the little more spacious but also lighter.

Many reviewers have spoken out against a current model’s poor levels of practicality, while some even took notice of its less than the perfect build quality inside – not quite as impressive as the Audi A3. And hopefully, the new car changes all of that too.

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