Two Limited-Edition BMWs Dominate In A Drag Race Against Everything

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OK, BMW finally does things right. Out of 700 units of the BMW M4 GTS, they are ...

OK, BMW finally does things right. Out of 700 units of the BMW M4 GTS, they are going to produce, this video features two. And what is even more important than that is the fact that these BMW M4 GTS here are actually racing against each other. What is especially cool is that the guys at the Spring Event 2016 had a number of other cars to compare it to.

We are talking here about the Corvette C7, the Mercedes C63 AMG, the BMW M5 F10, the Mercedes-AMG GTS and the Audi RS3 8V. Some claim many other cars had a drag race against Beemer, but this is all that we can see in the video.

The car in question is a limited edition with a special three liter inline six engine. It has a special water injection system. This thing injects a fine spray of water into intake manifold thus lowering air temperature and making air denser.

More air goes into the cylinders thus creating a bigger bang. BMW stored water in a small tank in the boot. And when on the track, it actually has to be refilled. We can expect this technology to scale down to lesser versions as well, but it remains to be seen when.

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