Once An Ugly Family Wagon, Check Out This Killer Custom ’54 Chevy!

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The auto world features a lot of rides that are super sleek, but enthusiasts still ...

The auto world features a lot of rides that are super sleek, but enthusiasts still manage to convert them into something even better. It’s always a pleasure to watch gearheads spruce up sports cars and see how a variety of tastes unfold at car shows and on race tracks.

This time around we take a look at a custom ’54 Chevy and how it was transformed into a showstopper! You will surely appreciate all the hard work that was put into pimping up the car. It ain’t just any hoary rat rod. Instead of simply looking the part, this thing of beauty has a lot of oomph under the hood as well.

With a new Cummins, S475 turbos and two nitrous kits, this rat rod/station wagon/race car mashup is capable of producing up to 1200 hp. Any ride that cranks out such amount of power will certainly attract a lot of attention, but this one takes things even further. It shows exceptional attention to detail, something that you got to see to believe.

Click on the play button below and enjoy a tour of the car and see what this badass ride is all about and why it is so special.

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