Unbelievable! 4×4 Floats And Swims In This Spectacular River Crossing

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Here’s one badass SUV that’ll probably cause a total confusion and get ...

Here’s one badass SUV that’ll probably cause a total confusion and get anyone asking an inevitable question, “Is it a car or is it a boat?” It’s a Toyota Land Cruiser doing some work in deep water, and it’s probably the most spectacular river crossing you’ll see.

If you’ve seen Top Gear’s Killing a Toyota video series, then you sure know how stubborn and sturdy a Toyota Hilux is. But it turned out sturdiness isn’t the only thing a Toyota can offer. In fact, they may have lied when they named Land Cruiser as it is because this footage proves its a hell of a ‘River Cruiser’ too.

The Toyota floated after crossing quite a deep river, and the depth got most of its front submerged. Not enough to stop it from going though as the engine never gave up and continued revving like a pure badass. A scene that should’ve featured the SUV and its driver ended up to look like as if you’re watching a boat and its captain. Well, that’s true off-roading for you fellas!

Can your 4×4 do something like this? Check it out for yourself, and you’ll sure be mind-blown too.

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