Underground Racing-Tuned Lamborghini Hits 247.25 Mph A New Record

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The latest speed achievement in a field comes from Underground Racing, whose ...

The latest speed achievement in a field comes from Underground Racing, whose Lamborghini Huracan set a few record for its kind, moving on to grabbing the new standing half-mile world record. The pumped-up Raging Bull managed to hit the trap speed of 247.25 mph, and we could only imagine what it could do if given access to the longer stretch of tarmac. Dubber UR3, this Lambo Huracan has been gifted with the specialist’s most aggressive twin-turbo kit, the UR X, which means its hp number sits somewhere in the 2,500 horsepower region. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not here to drop the kind of orange-to-apple comparo involving production and the aftermarket-massaged machines. Nevertheless, these Lamborghinis are more suitable for street duties than they seem. And for one thing, the said record was set on Toyo R888 road-legal tires. Also, the Lambo Huracan and the Gallardo that fought for the record over the past weekend both came with complete interiors, so we are dealing with full weight supercars. As a side note, the GT-R side of the half-mile and quarter-mile racing realm seems to be more inclined towards a stripped-out treatment than the Lambo camp. Then again, given the hefty factory scale footprint difference, this shouldn’t come as the surprise. Returning to the Lambo Huracan adventure we have here, we’re inviting you to watch this video and let the boosted Sant’Agata Bolognese demon reveal its magic.

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