Unicorn Among Cars Is A Sick 2,400hp ‘Vette

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Want a unicorn? This is it. Please, take a look at a Corvette with two massive ...

Want a unicorn? This is it. Please, take a look at a Corvette with two massive turbochargers, insane nitrous shoot, and totally modified suspension.

If there ever was a car to be afraid of, this is it. Not only does it have muscles stretched by turbochargers, but then it got high on nitrous. Imagine that. Considering how much work went into it, we are not even surprised this monster deals with fantastic 2,400hp.

This is a Unicorn Corvette based on the C6 model and it recently made a debut at the Texas Invitational event. We have already seen that massively powerful 1,900 hp purple Viper there, but the ‘Vette is in another league really. What is strange about it is the fact that it is not as fast as we thought it would be.

Really, that Dodge we showed you a day or two ago had a half-mile trial run and it reached 198 mph. We are sure it will go even faster after some tweaking.

This one, however, was rather far from the 200 mph number meaning D3 Engineering has a lot of work to do on it to bring it up to specs. Some said the gearing was off, but it seems D3 has a bit more to do with the car than that.

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