Using A McLaren As A Cigarette Lighter Is Something We Did Not Expect

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People really do dumb stuff when they are rich. They race illegally, pay too much ...

People really do dumb stuff when they are rich. They race illegally, pay too much for the stuff they do not need and occasionally light a cigarette with exhaust fumes from the supercars. Here you get to see something like that happening.

Interestingly, the McLaren MP4-12C shown here was even called the most expensive cigarette lighter by some journalists. It is quite extraordinary to see the MP4-12C in a role like this. Bear in mind this is a machine with an engine developing 612 hp. It shouts out the 12C to 62 mph in about three seconds, so it is quite reasonable to assume it can produce some flames.

What is interesting is that the MP4-12C is not prone to kicking out flames just by chance. You have to rev the engine for a very long time to make the exhaust and the engine fumes hot enough so everything combusts when it reaches air.

This, of course, puts an unreasonable strain on all engine components significantly shortening the lifespan. Sure, McLaren can achieve this on the track too, but the cooling there is much better due to fast and cold air passing and reducing the temperature.

All in all, this is one rather unpleasant gentleman who did this, but it is fun for sure.

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