V10-Powered BMW E36 M3 Crashes Hard While Street Racing With RS6-Engine VW Golf

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With the few exceptions involving children being taught how to hoon vehicles, all ...

With the few exceptions involving children being taught how to hoon vehicles, all the drivers involved in the street racing are fully aware of how dangerous such activities are.

And yet they choose to follow their emotions as if they were children and keep flooring it, and which can easily lead to crashes such as the one we have here.

This accident took place in Kosovo and it is special since it ended the street race involving a pair of V10-animated machines. Oh, and here’s the tip – none of the cars had nearly as many cylinders when they left the factory.

That’s because we are talking about a Mk IV Volkswagen Golf and the E36-generation BMW 3 Series Coupe. While the Golf got away without the single scratch, we can’t say the same about the Bimmer.

The 3er, whose V10 heart probably comes from the E60-generation BMW M5 (this is the norm in the BMW engine swap realm), crashed while doing the kind of speeds you don’t want to think about.

The video below, which was captured by the camera potato strapped to the Golf, shows the BMW driver losing the rear end and overcorrecting, and which sent the coupe spinning into the protection element on the side of what appears to be a highway.

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