Video Comparison: The BMW 5 Series 6th Vs 7Th Generation

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Even though most of you have probably made up your minds about a design of the ...

Even though most of you have probably made up your minds about a design of the all-new G30 5-Series (see our Visual Comparison here) this short video put together by the BMW is here to fill in any blanks.

From the front, the biggest changes involve headlights and the grille which are no longer separated as they were on a previous generation model. The headlight graphics are also different and less circular on the new vehicle.

The old F10 also had a smaller grille, but also the more muscular bonnet, which has been dropped in favor of the smoother design for the new G30 5-Series.

BMW will also point out how a crease line on the G30 is divided into two parts, which makes for the more aggressive design – which this new generation of BMW models seem to be going for. As for the rear, a G30 features wider taillights (with new graphics) that stretch towards the side of the car.

Of course, some of the biggest changes can be found inside a cabin where the 2018 5-Series trumps its predecessor in terms of technology, but enough from us, as we will let BMW’s video do the talking.

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