Video Of The Day: 1997 7.3 Ford Powerstroke Flamethrowers

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Until now we have heard many rumors around that the some trucks which are produced ...

Until now we have heard many rumors around that the some trucks which are produced in this particular year, 1997, mutated into mean and evil machines. And some of them became dragons who are releasing flames!

By now we just ignored those rumors, and when we saw this mutant we are convinced in the old saying, where there is smoke, and there is the fire also!

After we saw it we were shocked, and few minutes later when we chilled our minds we realized that this beast is not a threat for us through this video.

The most interesting fact that we found is about this engine, yeah, the mutant’s heart is a legendary 7.3-liter Powerstroke!

Maybe he was retired in 2003, fourteen years ago, but he is still the threat, just notice how a mighty V8 Powerstroke which is delivering 210 horsepower and 425lb-ft of torque is throwing flames, and unleashing the hell of it and ready to burn everything.

We bet that it was his wish to be recorded at night how he is throwing the disastrous flames, that way he can fully demonstrate his terrorizing power!

Watch this video and see this enormous beast how is rocking at the dark!

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