Video Of The Day: 2017 Dacia Duster Vs Bentley Bentayga

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Bentley has decided to expand its SUV offering into the unforeseen direction. ...

Bentley has decided to expand its SUV offering into the unforeseen direction. Apparently, it all started with the ridiculous comparison that was published last December.

A French magazine, called Auto Moto, organized the comparison between Dacia’s Duster and Bentley’s Bentayga. It was all done in the name of good fun, and they managed to show the high points of both cars.

While this Bentayga is luxurious in ways that the Dacia would never be imagined, well, the Romanian SUV is incredibly capable in off-road.

The comparison does not end here, as the Duster is the affordable car, no matter how you look at it, while the Bentley Bentayga is the world’s most expensive SUV.

The two journalists decided to call it the draw between the Duster and the Bentayga, which was probably not pleasing for those who preferred the SUV from Crewe.

As you know, French humor is the entirely different species from British humor, the people at Bentley’s headquarters were not as amused as they might have appeared in the public when the video was published. Instead, they decided enough was enough, they want to deal with the Duster once and for all.

Instead of buying Dacia from Renault altogether, as Volkswagen Group could probably afford this, Bentley’s leaders decided to build the Duster rival.

The goal is to achieve an automobile that is just as affordable, at least as good as the Romanian SUV on unpaved roads.

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