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Vehicles make for great plot additions to just about any idea because of how ...

Vehicles make for great plot additions to just about any idea because of how versatile they are. As devices that are the integral part of modern society, vehicles affect our lives, but what about the lives of animals?

Animals tend to see the things differently than people do, both literally and figuratively. While some creatures may focus on color, and others pay attention to the menacing shapes, like that of the crouched Bugatti Veyron that, at least to the human eye, appears much more ready to attack than a red Chevy sedan next to it.

To test out which vehicle is more appealing to the animal kingdom, YouTuber Saigon Yalcin procures the compact red Chevrolet. It’s competition?

None other than the blacked out Bugatti Veyron. To us humans, the winner of the debate is unquestionably the hypercar, and which is more expensive, attractive, powerful, rare, and luxurious than a Bowtie-badged cry for help.

However, the animal kingdom sees things the bit differently. Maybe it’s because the Chevy pollutes less than a 8.0-liter Bugatti, but our guess is that the red Chevy looks warmer and more appealing to animals, liVke the crisp apple rather than the piece of black licorice.

Even man’s best friend opts for the Chevy, and we suspect it’s because, as the social creature, a dog relishes the idea of packing the vehicle full of friends for a cruise rather than the solo high speed adventure.

On the other hand, a cat and its more selfish person opts for the Bugatti, and reinforcing every stereotype about the feline species. At the end of the cavalcade of animalistic humor, the clear yet unexpected winner is chosen.

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